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About the Wolf Spirit Animal: "The Wolf is a very powerful animal Totem. A Wolf is strong and cunning. They are smart enough to survive on their own aka “Lone Wolf” which represents independence and freedom. However, most Wolves choose to live and hunt in packs, which represents community, family and cooperation. Wolves are monogamous, representing commitment and loyalty. Keen vision,  stamina, raw size and power coupled with the fact that they do not hide, but rather howl as to been known by all, this mystical creature entails all qualities of Leadership." - Zo


Shipping & Delivery

"Each of our bottles are individually dressed, inspected, hand picked and packed with care. Then they are shipped using the safest and most efficient services available to ensure that every Vibe Bottle reaches you safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Sometimes these extra measures cause small delays in shipping so for that we thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately glass does take up a lot of volume space so lots of packaging is needed, glass can be broken and or lost in the shipping and process. Although rare, it does happen. Rest assured that although things are not always perfect, they can always be made right and that is our mission at Vibe Bottle." - Zo Peacemaker Vibe Bottle CEO

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