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Glass is made from earth (sand). Other bottle materials, such as PVC plastic, can have negative effects on the health of humans and the environment. It takes 47 million gallons of oil to create plastic water bottles each year.
Glass containers can effectively protect foods and beverages while preserving water’s taste and maintaining purity.
Glass is a 100% recyclable, sustainable material that can be recycled continuously without losing its purity or quality. Recycled glass containers can be made into new glass bottles, saving energy and raw materials. 
Glass has a clarity, shape and texture that cannot be matched by plastics or metal. It holds a healthy frequency and the transparency of glass allows for a clear display of its contents. All while the material's overall feel contributes to its excellent appearance.
It has been reported that almost 70% of American’s are chronically de-hydrated. Many of our customers report a 200% increase (or more) in their daily water intake after purchasing their Vibe Bottle. The moment they see their bottle they want to hold it and take a sip from its glistening shiny body, cause yes, it’s sexy. If hydration, detoxification and purification is your goal, then Vibe Bottle is a perfect fit.

Though plastic is suitable for certain applications there are lots of bottle company’s already using plastic so why create more? Did you know that some essential oils actually dissolve plastic? There are amazing times and amazing places for beautifully decorated glass bottles created by Reiki Healers to be utilized. Essential oil blends, sun charging, moon charging, flower essences, tinctures, gem essences, brewing kombucha, brewing tea, or alchemical mixtures are perfectly at home in our unique water vessels! Glass works well and its diswasher safe!



At Vibe Bottle we believe that both beauty and practicality are important. Maybe you’ve seen people write positive words and symbols on their bottles with a marker and though they are created with the same intention, the result isn’t always clean looking or elegant.

Each of our bottles are created with an intention, function and purpose from the moment it is conceived. Just as an essential oil or crystal  has a purpose, so do each of our bottles. It’s a design process that takes meditation and reflection, followed by hands on application. Some designs are revised 30 times until the artist is at peace with the final print...this process can take hours, days, or even weeks. Once complete, each water vessel recieves a scroll describing what the symbols mean and the reason why the artist used them adding context, dimension, and insight.

In 2005 Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered in his lab that when positive words, power symbols, and intentions (high vibrations) were applied to water bottles then frozen, the water crystals were viewed under a microscope, something miraculous occurred. The structures were found to be ornate, symmetrical and beautiful. However when negative energy, words, symbols, feelings and intentions (low vibrations) were applied to that same water then frozen, the crystalline structures appeared mutated, lacked symmetry and seemed chaotic. Don’t simply take our word for it! YouTube “water has consciousness” and sit back and watch your mind explode. In the mean time think about this: humans are made up of mostly water, so why not empower your water with positive words, power symbols, sacred geometry and loving intention?

Who are You?

We are people just like you working passionately on what we love. Helping others, being socially responsible and creating peace are what we value the most. We are also creating a healthy environment for our family to learn and grow in, and along the way we might have a little fun! As healers, speakers and health activists Vibe Bottle, Soulwurx Decals and the Teach Peace Tour fulfills many of our desires to be living our dream while serving the rest of the world.

Why do you love to make Vibe Bottles?
It's FUN, It allows us to be creative, it inspires others and brings them peace, our Angels tell us to do so, so we listen (crazy huh?) It challenges us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and it puts in the space where we attract all of the happiest, coolest most interesting people!!! Plus, for every bottle that we create & sell it creates a gallon of clean water for The Legacy Initiative & Going Beyond Boarders!  We are both passionate about not only serving, but changing the world! 

Where are You Located?
Our Headquarters and fulfillment center is located at 3673 West 1987 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104, but when we are tour we are located wherever our hearts have taken us that day!

How long have you been in business?
Technically we have been in the design business for 19 years and came from printing and the snow/ski industry. The healing world has been about 5-6 years, Soulwurx Decals about 4 years and Vibe Bottle is 2 years old! 

How long has online store been open?
We have been serving the public since August 2015

Who are the people on your team?
So far the team is Zo, Brinlie and the kids. We also have partners / sponsors that lend us a hand and of course our shipping partners.

Yes, a limited 30 day warranty covered by the company if you buy it directly from the online store. For more detail here is a link to our Warranty / Return Policy Page
Do you wholesale and how do I contact you? 
Yes! We can be reached at...

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Zo Peacemaker | Co-Creator / Artist / Speaker
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