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· Great for people in Flow-motion
· Like a regular open mouth drinking glass, but with a lid!
· Perfect for juicing or adding powdered supplements, and the wide mouth makes clean up a snap


About the Merkaba
“This is the Merkaba aka Star Tetrahedron. Maybe you ""travel"" during your dream state (like I do). As legend would have it, the Merkaba, is the vehicle all humans are inherently born with! However, it is not always activated, but once it is, supposedly you can use it to shift through space. The top Tetrahedron pointing down is the Feminine, and the bottom Tetrahedron pointing up is Masculine, which spin in opposite directions. Humans once had the ability to utilize to travel across the universe or into other dimensions instantly. In this case I chose to use the Egyptian Merkaba rather than the Ancient Mystic Hebrew version (which is also awesome). Both Ancient cultures had a higher understanding of math, dimensions, and mystic knowledge and both have their own translation. In Egyptian this tranlation is literal - Mer - Light      Ka - Spirit      Ba - Body"

- Zo

Features and Benefits
· 16 oz. Capacity
· Many of our customers report an increase in their desire to drink more water with a Vibe Bottle.
· Made of beautiful Tempered Glass which is naturally BPA Free
· Great for the environment. Glass is 100% recyclable.
· Save money on purchasing multiple plastic water bottles (up to $1500 per year)
· Family owned, designed by Reiki Master, Zo Peacemaker
· Dishwasher safe
· Ceramic ink fired at 1300 degrees - fuses into glass on a molecular level
· Charge your water in the sun or moon without having to worry about harmful chemicals

Weight: 10 oz. (283.4 grams)
Dimensions: 6.75 inches x 2.6 inches. Ships in 10” x 6” x 6” package

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Additional Information
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Shipping & Delivery

"Each of our bottles are individually dressed, inspected, hand picked and packed with care. Then they are shipped using the safest and most efficient services available to ensure that every Vibe Bottle reaches you safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Sometimes these extra measures cause small delays in shipping so for that we thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately glass does take up a lot of volume space so lots of packaging is needed, glass can be broken and or lost in the shipping and process. Although rare, it does happen. Rest assured that although things are not always perfect, they can always be made right and that is our mission at Vibe Bottle." - Zo Peacemaker Vibe Bottle CEO